Let Solar Do The Work For YOU

Tired of refreshing sites that won't load? Annoyed that you keep missing releases you didn't know about? Then look no further. Let Solar do it's job and secure limited items for you.


Always Up to Date

As websites inevitably work to counter bots, we always swiftly adapt and update our software ensuring our users are still successful. We'll always be one step ahead.

Support Team

Bots can be difficult to use. With Solar, we encompass a helpful team of staff who will assist you through every step of the way, via guides, instructions and one to one support, maximizing your success.

What's to come?

As we successfully progress, we'll continue to widen our sitelist to help you secure as many releases from a variety of retailers. Stay up to date with any new additions and updates by following our Twitter.


Supported Websites

More websites are constantly in the works


Need some proof?

No one wants to spend money on a bot that doesn't work,

That's not a problem,

Take a look at some of our recent success and give us a follow to find out when we'll restock.


When will Solar restock?
If you want to be notified as to when we'll restock, be sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on tweet notifications.
What operating systems does Solar support?
Solar is currently windows only, however with your copy you'll have access to any updates in the future
What is Solar?
Solar is a sneaker bot that ensures you cop the most sought after products.
How much will the bot cost?
It will cost £150, then £50 every 3 months.

Let Solar Do The Work For YOU